Wheeeee! Brownie points for me, please. Today I've photographed all the kitchener samples and tutorials for the book!

The tutorials aren't all done and dusted, but this is the biggest chunk over and done with. Am feeling mightily chuffed for just getting on with it and overcoming what had become an ever expanding hurdle. It got to the point in my mind that the success of the book pivoted on these tutorials - pressure!

It was just me, the tripod, light tent and self-timer function today, no-one behind me giving the much needed kicks... all the more reason to feel chuffed ;)

They're not perfect photos - the focus is difficult when working this close up with poor natural light, yet no way are any of them out of focus or fuzzy, although an expert would notice where they could be crisper. There is also a slight light discrepancy between the batches - again, difficult to combat, however each tutorial set has pretty much the same lighting. I also wondered at first if they were too close up, having my thumb in yer face but quickly gave meself a slap, reminding myself that detail is important.

(PS/ they haven't been Photoshoped yet, so should be able to sort the sharpness and light balance)

I think they're pretty clear (even if the thumbs are wrinkly)

There will be 6 kitchener tutorials in all, each with their own set of photos (approx. 6 each) in different colour yarns. We have:-

  • Stocking Stitch
  • Reverse Stocking Stitch
  • Garter Stitch
  • Reverse Garter Stitch
  • Stocking stitch block to Garter Stitch block
  • Garter Stitch block to Stocking Stitch block
The last 2 I could have expanded further, but the principles are there and the remainder will be added to the notes - none of the patterns require anymore than is here (I've tried to be clever and group the patterns by their required grafting, and also ensure that each design, no matter how simple or complex, uses one of the above grafts only) The description will be loads more thorough than the tutorial I posted earlier in the year.

Tomorrow I aim to sort the provisional cast-ons, play around with layout and getting the short rows samples finished (or at least started)

Good feedback on my last post, cheers! Have decided that 'Going Straight - A New generation of Knitted Hats' is the title I want - seeing it commented and written down, it made more sense. Interesting also, the feedback on how I generally model and photograph the Hats - I was surprised to read more pros than cons. It would be rather daft of me to consider re-photographing all existing patterns on real live lovely people, being as there are 40 patterns that would need doing! Shall carry on as is (except for the book, as said before) - it's loads easier for me that way.

I've been awake since 4am, so it's time I took the bump to bed for some well deserved kip.

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