Or for non-Londoners, that's the Knitting & Stitch Show 2008 at Alexandra Palace. Have just realised this is the 3rd show I've blogged about! Meaning that I've missed my 2nd blogiversary, back in September sometime.....

No photos of the show itself (you know I'm a slacker on this score) but plenty of booty to share. Having a little cash in my pocket for once made for good fun, and Tom reckoned it was "about time" that I had a good yarny spend up. Bless.

I was helping Luciana on Foreign Strand for 2 of the 4 days (I'm now done this year - we're about to dash off for the usual weekend bus work) and boy, was it busy! I mean really busy. I met far, far too many people to even attempt a list of who's who, suffice to say that I wonder if Luciana felt I was a help at all with the amount of people I was caught chatting too...

Firstly we have some undyed superwash Merino (top left) and superwash wool, both from the same guy I found at FibreFest. Think I've got 500g in total, and will all be dyed up for Baba knits. There are plenty of ideal baby yarns out there, yet somehow I still can't budge in my fibre snobbery... and superwash fits the bill exactly.

Next we have.... 100g of BFL sock yarn - 'Dazzle'- from The Natural Dye Studio, and 100g of BFL aran from HipKnits... then 2 x 50g of Romney from Aragon Yarns - a new indie supplier who produce & stock yarns only from their own Kent sheep. It's a single ply yarn, perfect no doubt for felting/fulling. All of these are for patterns, so work stash. Aren't those hand-dyeds yummy?

A circular needle case from Purlescence, also shown open with the circs. Now, incase you're wondering, I haven't switched allegiance and dumped my DPN's. I found I needed some shortish circs for the bias berets and caps, so bought meself a set from here. They're not bad quality wise, and certainly do the job intended. The joins are pretty smooth, the points not too sharp or too blunt etc. My only issue is that the needle section is a little long, so Mr Tom has promised to cut them down and re-finish them, and as many folk have seen, he does a perfect job.

And some more things for me :) Luciana bought me this baby bootee kit from UK Alpaca - thank you! Apart from Grandma's Booties (which are more like baby shoes) we don't have any booties yet so will happily spend an evening knitting these. Stripes aren't always our thing, yet I think she picked the right colours (she figured red would be too girly, and she's right ;) and I may play with the pattern a little and break up the stripes a bit or make them narrower.... or maybe for once I'll just follow a pattern as it is.

And then some Habu goodies. (I can hear you all drooling from here) I went to their stand deliberately because I want to make myself some knitted/crocheted/felted jewellery. I have some already, but really fancied bright colours, something that would really stand out. And as you can see, I hardly succeeded. Bright colours for Hats and patterns - no problem. Yet to wear it myself, I have real trouble coming out of my comfort zone. Still, I like what I bought! There's some cashmere in Slate Grey, 60%mohair/40%silk in black and variegated purples, and the pale greys are 60%wool/40% silk singles. I do have some silk left from last year, so between them and the other delightful oddments I have lying around, I may be able to make a few funky things......

And finally, the perfect shoes for pregnant women - Crocs. Complete with spikes for decoration (or defense in trying to get a seat on the tube during rush hour) I never thought I'd see meself in a pair of these, as buying something that I often see on other folks' feet feels like a strange thing to do. But they are comfy, and should be tried. Tom's already threatening to steal these.

Thanks and hello to everyone who popped by for a chat - new faces and familiar. And to all the pregnant women I met! I had a fab time, albeit knackering (swollen feet and ankles to show for it) - am mighty glad I went instead of staying at home - I'd have regretted it otherwise.

Off to work on Barp we go. Have a super weekend folks :)

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