I know I say this time and time again, but knitters are naughty.

Top left we have 10 x 50g of pure wool Palette Yarn in an autumnal colourway and top left we have 7 x 50g of Patons Capstan in a dark green. This Patons is one of those 'vintage' wools which I love - discontinued maybe, but it's a proper aran, nice and sturdy, y'know?

The gifter of these was Mary-Lou - thank you very much! Not sure what to make with them, as I'm not used to having so much of one yarn & colourway in my stash (unless it's black) so shall let them be for a while and see what happens.

Here we have 2 skeins of Colinette Jitterbug - colourways Velvet Leaf and Magenta (does anyone know why Yarndex doesn't have Jitterbug listed?) Gifted by Sheila (MIL) upon her return from her boating holiday. She was wanting to find someone to knit something for Baba, but the only person she knows who knits is me, and so I get the yarn :) Thank you!

Now, before the astute start jumping up and down going "oooh... look, look, Pink!" I will now state that WE DO NOT KNOW THE SEX OF BABA. Ok? We could find out in a few weeks at the next scan, but we haven't decided if we want to know. Besides, if we do find out most of you should know that we won't be doing the boy-blue, girl-pink thang. No friggin' way. I shall personally be banning such behaviour (and I'll rant on about why some other time)

And now some crochet terminology. I've spied this pattern via Ravelry, and fancied making it for Baba from more stash oddments, aiming to achieve those colour mixes that I love (and seem to do rather well with)

Problem is, it's in US terminology. Now I know I should be able to convert this without problem, but I have Pregnant Brain Syndrome and am struggling enough as it is to focus on knitting & designing, let alone switch mode to crochet and work from a different lingo. Don't even know the metric for hook size G. What I need to do (to make things easy for myself) is re-write it in English terminology. So I ask - can anyone help write out the basic stitch (i.e. the shell etc) for me, or direct me to somewhere where someone's already converted it? Or is there a similar (free) pattern out there written in English? Ta :)

I'm not the world's best hooker by any means, and my crochet pattern writing skills fall far short of my knitting ones. Yet one thing that I do try to do every time is list the US equivalent along side the stitches I use - only seems fair to me, as I know plenty of folk from the US peruse my patterns. Kinda bugs me sometimes that you don't always find the same courtesy the other way round. Well, it's bugging me today 'cos I can't fink. Hey ho. Whinge over! (ETA - just realised I also want to make the Fishnet Funnelneck Dress from Loop-d-Loop Crochet and that's gonna have the same problem. Pants.)

The insomnia is still here, but did manage to sleep most of last night, which was a blessing. Kinda think it's down to being off the meds and the worry of all the recent financial stress getting to me. Am a natural worrier at the best of times. Am hoping though Nic that I'll get the book finished before the exhaustion phase kicks in!


ETA:- thanks for all the help with that pattern! Swapna found an English version of the pattern, and added to it all the useful things that everyone's added in the comments. Am totally sorted now! Just to decide which yarn(s).....

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