It's my birthday in just under 2 weeks time, and it's an age I never imagined I'd get to. It's teasing me, this number and reminding that time has it's own set of rules..... it gallops away without you knowing, yet you're still here feeling no different!

So, to stop this birthday depressing the hell out of me, I fancied a competition to make light of it all. This is the prize - a skein of my hand-spun. 108g, 94m of a chunky weight yarn (plenty for a Hat!) One ply is hand-dyed Border Leicester in deep shades of pinks, the other ply is a natural Welsh wool in dark brown (colours much better in real life, obviously)

To win? Just tell me how many sets of double pointed needles - DPN's I have. I don't know the exact figure myself, and will need to dig out all my projects to count them! Person with the right guess, or closest wins, and in the event of a tie I'll find another prize equally worthy.

Just leave a comment, you know what to do! As always, I don't mind where I post to so overseas readers have an equal stake at getting their hands on the loot. Shall publish the results on the 12th (birthday is 11th Feb) or thereabouts, depending on hangover status.

Good luck! And no London bloggers are allowed to pop round and sneakily count my needles.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead