MLQ suggested the name Rapuzel for Siren, yet the name seems rather ideal for this lady. I didn't want this one to look too much like Siren.... hence the red. When using lots of different colours together they become a little brown, so the red was used to enhance the colours used in the spirals.

The sections that come down from the back of the neck are shaped to fit round and over the shoulder, to fall down the front. The longer section on the left can also be worn like a scarf, wrapped across the the right shoulder.

Made, as usual, from a mixture of pure wools, alpaca, mohair and so on. Some of the spirals are flat, most made in that kinda organic, freeform way. The main colours in the shapes are pinks and greens, so the red as the outline will make the green stand out more (bit of colour theory there for you ;) This last shot shows the reverse side - which I rather like!

A new year, a new Hat! Have lots of ideas and plans, each one getting more creative.... this could be a year for some quirky creations! Well, even more quirky than usual ;)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead