Would you believe me if I said I was having trouble spending money? That each time the urge for retail therapy crops up I find myself unable to complete a transaction? 'Tis true. Even I can't believe it. Mindset is now so firmly switched to saving pennies that it's causing problems. I have, however, found something that solves the problem. They're not expensive and are rather collectable.....

Vintage knitting and crochet patterns. Every artist and designer needs reference material so am not going to bother to justify these, especially as they cost very little. And being as I have a few designs in mind that are retro with a twist, I've fallen for these babies big time. To stop this new addiction interest getting out of control, there are rules guidelines...

  • Adult Hats only - no babies or childrens.
  • Hats only - no scarf/mittens/accessories sets.
  • No 'regular' Hat patterns - inspiration is the key, after all.
  • Preferably published before I was born (1971) unless they're really whacky.
  • Don't get sucked in by the bidding bug on Ebay.

Aren't they fab? They have some lovely little quotes, too. The middle right one asks for 'showerproofed nylonised chunky' - bless. And the bottom right one says "Whether young or not so young, fashion says knit a Hat and wear it as you like!". Brilliant. So to those few folks I found via Google who slated Hexed something rotten, I say get with it.

Most of the patterns are for 4ply or DK, and most only have one size for each Hat, which is interesting. Haven't had a proper read yet of the construction notes, but some of the patterns are rather squashed into a small paragraph. Still, it's the shapes that appeal to me. I won't be copying them, it's just great to have some visual stimulation.

They got me wondering, though. When did Hat fashion become so... staid? Must have been during the conservative Eighties, when everything was about power, suits and shoulder pads. Let's face it, the Eighties and Thatcher can be blamed for an awful lot of things, but that's a whole rant in itself (and a subject that will see me get rather angry and opinionised. Thatcher is my pet hate. She tried to make the Traveller lifestyle illegal, and came close to outlawing freedom of speech and non-conformity with the Criminal Justice Bill. Another time.... need to keep the blood pressure down for now)

I don't think the designs/patterns I write are particuarly unusual... I mean, they could be really quirky, and why shouldn't they be? These confirm my believe that Adults can have fun Hats too, as well as kids. It does kinda bother me sometimes when folk think that only people under the age of 10 can get away with wearing a funky Hat - why shouldn't Adults too? So here we have hard proof that grown-ups used to not so long ago.

My head is swimming with pattern ideas.... so much so, it's keeping me awake at night. I find myself furiously scribbling everything down or casting on another project despite having loads already on the needles. I'm enjoying it! Prior to the hard wiring in my head crashing just over 2 years ago, I used to be damn good at maths and problem solving, but it's been really hard since then. The meds haven't helped, with the cotton wool effect. Now I'm seeing my logic slowly come back, and working through designs without much problem. This cheers me up no end - feels like I'm close to being 'whole' again.

Before I depart, my inbox is having issues with Yahoo - emails aren't being redirected. The safest bet for now is to use the email addy in the left sidebar, or my grown-up website one. Tom's much geekier better at technical stuff than me, and neither of us can work out what's gone wrong. Heyho.

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