The eyelet beret from my last post? Frogged. It just wasn't cutting the mustard. The pattern needed that something else.

After frogging, this was the first design - 'Spring Cap'. The pattern is up for sale in the shop,* but I'm not sure how I feel about it. The pattern itself is fine - the repeats work well, the rapid decreases fit in etc. I even kinda like the stitch..... just not sure if it's my kinda thing. Maybe it's the hand-painted yarn - perhaps it would work better in a plain yarn? And as this is the very last skein of my hand painted Wensleydale Aran, I might frog it (again).......
*edited to say that the pattern is now up as freebie on the site 'Cos I felt like it :)

Anyhow - works on a gauge of 18sts to 10cm/4 inches, 4.5mm DPN's. It's lacey all over and will need a little concentration, so not ideal for beginners. Any thoughts on this one?

Another idea based around eyelets came to fruition. This one I do like, and is pretty much what I had in mind when I started playing around. The pattern works smoothly, easy to adjust for different sizes (notes included on this) and can even be left unblocked for a different look.

It's a kinda retro look, no, the Beret? Requiring a chunky yarn, 5.5mm DPN's with a gauge of 16sts to 10cm/4 inches. This one is actually turquoise but of course the camera doesn't want to let you know that. This shot to the left is the unblocked version, above right after blocking.

The way the decreases are structured makes blocking easy, so it can be left either way depending on the look you're after. Here's a detail shot of the pattern. It's up in the shop, and Tom reckons it'll be a popular one. He's not always wrong, but who am I to know?!

It does look like I've been working flat out, eh? Haven't though, honest. These are all ideas, patterns and designs that have been on the 'to-do' list for a while so it's nice to see them finally finished. Life has been as usual.... lots of sleeping, days of feeling rough, although I gotta say I am seeing a slight improvement. Not much, but it ain't gonna happen over night.

This fibery play, pattern writing and stuff is pretty much all I do, apart from sleep and wash up. It's keeping me sane. On the head disease and happy pills front, I have started reducing the dose again, and so far so good. Am not quite on the lowest dose yet, as I don't want to rush off them too quickly and find meself back at square one again, so am taking my time.

Anyhow. More stuff to pimp promote. You can now buy kits for Tri-Peak over at Val's place, the Woolly Shepherd. They come with hand-dyed wool, needles and even a cotton bag. Cool. I adapted the pattern to work on straight needles, so perfect for those folks who are scared of DPN's or beginners. Am working on another project at the moment, a couple of design submissions for a US yarn seller..... could be quite fruitful!

Finally, all of the hand-dyed stock is listed for sale. Prices are pretty cheap and postage is included, as always. Right now I want to shift it all, as the truck fund needs the cash. So go on, help Barp become a proper live-in bus and a perfect home for Wormhead and her stash (and Tom, obviously)

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