Wye Sue had a wee competition for her blogiversary. Folk had to guess the weight of her spinning & fibre stash - and y'know, we know Sue has a serious stash, enough to rival the bath panel diva, so why were folk guessing around the 3kg mark?! So plonking in at an estimate of 9.3kg (true figure was 8kg) I won these little beauties that arrived in the post this morning :-

2oog skein of a lovely deep red wool chunky - yummily soft! Better looking than this photo, trust me.

A little sheepy notelet with the words "lovely sheep, kept in flocks.... their fleece make lovely jumpers!" They make damn good Hats too.

Last but by no means least, this rockin' fella..... check him out!

Made by Sue's own fair hands (knitted, stuffed then felted) - isn't he just superb? I'm in love. I want the pattern. Take a closer look....

Sue, you're an absolute star! Long may your stash reign.

Whilst on the subject of the sheep challenge, here's a quick update on another recent discovery. This one was found by my mum - a screen shot from a website for a company in Wales that makes paper from - you've guessed it - sheep poo. They even tell you how they make it. Reckon that's gotta be one of the nost innovative recycling/resusing methods I've come across. Class.

Have also realised that I've completely forgot to blog about xmas gifts. That maybe 'cos all my family and friends decided *not* to get me anything to do with wool or knitting or spinning.... *sigh*. But I did get this cool charm necklace from Sheila (MIL) that she had made for me. And for a closer look :-

Cool huh? I'm not a bling, shiny jewellery kinda gal but I have been wearing this a lot. Love it!

Right. The book. I'm a little surprised by the amount of comments telling me to go for it! I am, seriously - really wasn't expecting it to be a thumbs up... it's just been an idea running around in my head for a while, and never really considered it a serious option.

So. I might. Maybe. Yep, trying to envisage a finished book with a proper deadline would be way too much and make my head crash. So maybe I'll try jotting notes down and expanding as and when my head wants to work that way, and see how it goes. I do agree though that a techniques/inspirational angle would be much better. Much more fun for me, that's for sure. Will keep everyone updated as to progress.

Over and out.

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