..... possibly above my station?

For some daft reason I keep getting this idea to write a book lately. Now, I've always been anti this thought because of the pressure, workload... and well, my sheer inability to commit to any solid deadline. Writing a book is a mammoth task and something not to be entered into lightly, particuarly if you want to do it well. And I would want to do it well rather than suffer the embarrassment of anything less than.

So why is my head bugging me about this?

A straight forward pattern book would be the first thought, but to be honest I'd get bored pretty quickly. Credit to those who manage it, but I've learnt this last year or so that I'm pants at writing patterns to order. If I have designs in process and have flexibility then it's cool, but I can't design/write to a specification. So I was thinking.... like a techniques book. Not yer usual 'how to knit' malarkey, more a resourceful thang.... like an indepth (full colour glossy detailed photographs blah blah) on the Spirals, a not-so-regular freeform guide, and other little things we can do with wool, break the knitting and crochet rules and make something pretty damn funky.

Now, methinks I could do this. Give me 10 years or so.

Or maybe a 'designing-Hats-and-other-small-projects' thing. I've mountains of notes on the formulas for gauge, stitches, sizing and so on that I've collected (if I don't write it down it's lost forever) and some of this would be pretty useful. Maybe.

Still, it could be a potential head f**k and I need talking out of it. So talk me out of it. Says she that's gonna be sending off more design sketches this week and finishing two written patterns.

Tom thanks everyone for his birthday messages. It's our 2nd anniversary tomorrow so we've had a weekend of celebrations. Have lots of yummy photos to share but I haven't taken them yet. Rotten hangover might be to blame for that.

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