Up town, of course. And for very good reason, too.

With rescue remedy at hand I headed up to Stash for my first visit. Getting there minutes before it closed (with Flossie on the phone giving me directions) Michelle was wonderful and let me in to browse despite being time to shut up shop. Having rushed I was a bit flustered and didn't really take in all the yarns available but boy - was it yummy!

Now, being skint and on a budget, purchases were modest. Just 2 skeins of Lambs Pride worsted, and 2 skeins of Malabrigo. Yummy all the same! Plans for the yarn? Well, I need to be writing more patterns using commercial yarns. These per 100g were cheaper by comparism and far more suitable for my 'stuff'.

Will be venturing back to Stash. Firstly to have a proper, leisurely browse, and also because Michelle took a look at some of my hand-spun, and asked that perhaps I could bring some back when Nathalie was around. I much preferred the selection of yarns and general atmosphere to Loop. You felt like it was Ok to natter away to yourself having a discussion about what you should buy, which project it'd suit, fondle yarns a plenty and sit down and knit. For someone like me, I felt completely comfortable.

First adventure of the day complete, I headed back across town to AngelKnits. Having moved down south from up north, Flossie was in need of a new knitting group so had made me promise I'd be there, by way of a familiar face. Actually, I'd been saying for ages that I should go more frequently than once every six months or so, so was happy to have my arm twisted.

I had a fab time. Loved it. So much so, that I have sworn to go again next week (and pop into Stash - anyone else fancy saying hello next tuesday?) Nikki and Ann were there, and I finally got to meet CX! (complete with new shoes) Took along some handspun and Hats to show off, nattered for hours and hardly did any yarny stuff. But that didn't matter, because I was happy to be back in the fold again. The ladies were lovely company and we finally got kicked out at closing time.

I did have a couple of new skeins of handspun to put in the shop, but a certain two people snapped them up before I'd even had time to photograph them! Being determined to do more spinning and in a vague effort to organise myself (pah!) I got all my stash out today.

There's a sofa under there somewhere. This is the fibre stash - weighing in at 6.1kg... Hmm.. that's some 60 finished skeins?! The yarn stash is more modest at around 4.8kg (was more but have listed some on ebay) Now.... considering my total stash was around 25+kg earlier in the year, this is good going. Ok, so all the oddments haven't been weighed - maybe a kilo there - and all the stuff waiting to be dyed isn't included, maybe another 2 kilo? So all in all, the last 6 months have been rather productive.

Onwards now to ply the BFL on the wheel and have my dinner.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead