Y'know, I've been uhmming and arhhing about whether to, and if so, how to celebrate Wormhead's first blogiversary.... seems it's the done thing .... so what should I do? Freebie give-aways and competitions are abundant... but by doing something similar, would it feel like bribery?

Then I thought - hang on a minute! The online fibre community is not only huge, but totally amazing. Over the last year, I've been encouraged and coerced to keep going through all my moods and bad times. You've given me tremedous support, warmth and inspiration. You've read and put up with all my doubts, and still keep popping back. I've made some new, wonderful friends. The feedback recieved about my Hats, yarns and fibre play has pushed me onwards and upwards to places never imagined. Who'd have ever thought, that by the mere act of starting a blog, I'd be on my way to fulfilling my dreams? I mean, all I've ever wanted to do since a tender age is to make a success of my crafts and skills, make a living from it and survive. To be self sufficient and happy.

So it's only fair to try and give something back. It's not bribery, it's a massive 'thank you'.

And I hear folk likey my hand-spun, so that's the loot. One skein for the blogiversary, and one skein for that counter turning a whopping 100,000 hits.

So, here's the deal:-

  • Leave your name on this post via the comments, and make sure I've got your email addy. Please though, to make life easy for me I'll only draw names left as comments.
  • You could live on the moon, doesn't bother me where I post to, so overseas readers are most welcome.
  • The loot for each draw will be one skein of hand-spun from my shop (your choice) OR a CDrom containing all my current patterns (though somehow methinks the hand-spun will be most popular ;)
  • If the 100,000 hits happens before the 21st, that'll be the first draw and vice versa.
  • The draw for the hits will take place on the day it turns, blogiversary draw on the 21st.
  • The lucky devil drawn for the first draw will be excluded from the next, only fair eh?
  • All names will be drawn at random and notified - they can then tell me which prize takes their fancy & where I need to post it to.

Does that sound alright to you? Ok... that counter is accelerating rapidly... off we go.... wahoo!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead