Have been spiral making again. These little fella's are the perfect thing to keep the hands busy when the mind is over loaded with stuff. There's probably hundreds of them in little bags all around the flat.

Firstly, a bunch made in shades of jades, blues, greens and purples - camera not really showing the colours too well. These are now on their way to being a Hat (although many more were made than shown in this photo)

And here they are under construction. At this stage they never look that much like the finished item - all those loose ends hanging around, and then of course it will need blocking. I'm still not even half way through joining these with crochet, so that will keep me quiet for a few more hours. And before anyone comments - yes, it does have horns, and yes, they are meant to be unbalanced and wonky!

When those are all joined and off the model (awaiting all that finishing), then this bunch will be next up for the transformation. The colour scheme here is kinda candy colours - not pale and pastelly, just not as dark and bold as I'd normally use. Pinks, greens, lilacs and so on. Haven't yet been struck with which way these will form, and think I will need to be careful which colour I'll use for the joining.... could look complete pants if I get it wrong.

After bragging up about how well I'd stash reduced this year, I realised that my oddments stash is now at a critically low level. I still have my 100g units, but they're waiting for pattern designing/sampling. So that got me thinking, and the next part of this post is what I came up with.

So - all these Hats use a lot of oddments. A wide variety of colours and textures are needed for each one. Said oddments need to be in endless supply, really - and they're not! Dammit, I should stop making stuff with them, eh?

I often trawl through Ebay looking for leftovers etc, but I haven't yet found one bundle of oddments for sale that are pure fibres - nearly all are acrylic, and you know how I feel about that.

So, dear readers. If any of you have pure wool, merino, alpaca etc etc oddments that you'd like to clear, then this message is for you. I don't want you to give or donate, as I'd feel like a charity case. Besides, their end use usually goes up for sale and so it's fairer if I trade.

Not sure what the ideal rate is for such leftovers - 1p a gram? And of course postage costs need to be considered.... up to 100g by 2nd class post is 84p, up to 250g is 109p. In return, I'd like to offer patterns - does that seem fair? If you've got loads of the yummy stuff, then I could buy them off you and pay postage?

So - email me at woolly.wormhead@yahoo.co.uk if you fancy trading. Let me know what you have in weight and if you have a pattern or two (or 3 or 4!) that you'd like in return. Any weight is fine except real bulky yarns as they are hard to work with for this kinda thing. 4ply, DK, aran, chunky are spot on (up to 5mm gauge). Not fussed about colour or texture - the more the merrier. So long as they are pure animal fibre content, I'm in.

Seems an ideal way for you to clear out all those loose ends, and for me to get as much variety in leftovers as possible. Anyhow's, email me if this takes your fancy. Hope to hear from some of you?!

Have a happy crafting weekend folks xx

AuthorWoolly Wormhead