A couple of months back when I needed to renew the tax for my Escort, a panic occured as I couldn't find all my documents. Surprise surprise. They weren't where they should have been. But it all worked out ok, as your registration documents, insurance, MOT - everything - is now electronically traceable. So you just pop your details into the DVLA website, punch in your card number - and hey presto! - you new tax disc arrives in the post. I'm not sure being traceable is such a great idea, as it's all a bit 'Big Brother' to me, but it saved me a major headache at the time.

So can anybody tell me why our insurance company wants 3 trillion copies of all the paperwork (as well as the originals), all sets of keys to the truck as well as prove of ID by way of photocopying both of our driving licences? I went through all this with the police, proved who I was and that I owned the truck, that the truck was road worthy, was given a crime reference number and so on. So if that was good enough for the police, why the hell are the insurance company giving me major brain ache? We're all legal and genuine - go check the electronic database! Grrr.

We are keeping our heads above paper water. Again, thank you all so much for your thoughts. It's not the loss of the truck as such that we're down about, more the time, effort and energy it took to find the right vehicle. She was just a lump of steel and aluminium, but she was a rare one that took us 8 months to find. Remembering that we're not just building a campervan, we're going to live in this full time. And so it could take us just as long to find another decent vehicle. Big smelly pants.

Anyhow. I have been browsing the truck and van market, to see what's around. I'm back on that saddle! My settlement pay from work will be through before the insurance money, so at least we won't have to wait too long to be quids up. There are absolutely no trucks for sale like the one we had. None.

So we've been reconsidering our options. All other suitable vehicles fall into a category 'C' on our driving licenses. Won't get too technical here, but it goes by gross weight (and therefore engine capacity) Now, Mr Tom has a newer driving licence and isn't legally covered to drive anything over 3.5 tonnes. All big vehicles nearly always come up over 3.5 tonnes (except the one those b**tards nicked!) I am covered as I have an older driving licence but having sole responsability for driving our house-truck is scary.

So we've decided the best thing for us to do is to fork out the grand or so that it costs for Tom to have the test and licence upgrade. Tom's being all sensible about money and the cost, but I know he can't wait to play in loads of different trucks on the training course and get his new licence. I've already spotted a few types of vehicles that could be suitable (optimism strikes again!) yet you know how it is when a couple are buying something significant with all their cash... you both need to agree on everything and there's always one party that has to be just a little too sensible! (damn Capricorns and their saturnine ways) Still, Tom's licence upgrade will give us much more choice and plenty of room for disagreement ;)

There's been very little fibery play :( I have managed to tidy up the bookshelves, which is pretty impressive.

Right. I need to sort out and post all these dead trees forms.

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