The draw was drawn, as they say. Said I would, and so it was done. And so beit, blogiversary goodies to be had. Same as before, all measures of security were used and the the name was drawn out of the Hat.

And the lucky devil to get their hands on some Wormhead handspun is Julia! Julia has chosen Fruit Twist, which will be winging it's way towards her stash to be stroked, sniffed and loved (and hopefully at some point knitted into a Hat?)

Haven't emailed or responded to any messages - am feeling a touch withdrawn, as I'm sure you understand. So much kindness and thoughts, you lot and your karma are a scary strong willed bunch! Seriously though. I know we haven't lost our dreams but it's kinda hard to keep reminding yourself of that. And we will get another truck. It's just.... well, I dunno.... shit. Mega shit. And really bad timing, too. Part of me wants to say that I don't care about anything but escaping and getting on the road, which isn't of course true. I care about a lot of things. We collected all my books and resources from school today, handed back their laptop and keys. Door closed. But the relief that should be felt is blighted everytime I look outside onto the road and see a big gap under the street lamp where the truck was parked. Honest, I am trying not to let it get me down too much, but it ain't easy. Maybe blighted is the wrong word, but it's a punch in the gut and a sadness.

Tom also thanks you all, and says that knitters are a sentimental and fluffy bunch. He is touched.

We're gonna have a quiet couple of days, laugh and smile and reconsider our options. Thank you for being so understanding xx

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