Here we have then, 2 new patterns.

Firstly, 'Loopy Flapper'. Knitted from Twilleys of Stamford's Freedom wool it's a quick and fun knit. Strangely, the ball band states that 10mm needles are ideal, yet I'd say 7 or 8mm (seriously - what were they thinking? Did they not check gauge?) So being as you'd want the slightly tighter gauge for a Hat, this one asks for 7mm. Any bulky yarn of a similar gauge will do.

Now, I liked this wool, must say. Firstly, it's the raw deal, pure wool and from English mills. It's felting capabilities are immediately obvious, and the range of colours it comes in are warm and co-ordinating. Then of course you have it's price - 100g of this is cheaper than any Rowan equivalent (Angel Yarns stock it). It comes in 50g balls, but that's no issue. So, 100g, 100m/110yds plus a pair of 7mm DPNs it is then.

Next up, Tudor. Like Susoolu, it reminded me of times gone by, mainly the Lancashire Rose, hence it's name (being as History was never my strong subject, forgive me if the War of the Roses never happened in Tudor times, ok?) The jury is still out on this one - but you lot liked it, and it is an interesting construction, so here it is.

It's yarn thirsty, and used the best part of a skein of Lambs Pride bulky. 4oz/113gms, 114m/125yds plus a set of 6mm DPNs. It's made basically of 7 circles, sort of, and then joined using crochet (or 3 needle) bind off. You could use Kitchener stitch, but you won't get the full pattern that laces across the top. Joining the circles is fiddly, and how they are forced coerced into one produces the shape around the edges.

Trying to explain the construction proved hard work. Knitting the circles?- easy. But trying to put into plain english the best method of joining to ensure the crown pattern worked did my head in. I tried drawing diagrams, but they made it look even more complicated. In the end I think I got it - and Mr.Tom read it through to make sure I wasn't talking gibberish (who needs prove-readers when you have boyfriends?)

I'm convinced there is either a simpler way of doing this, or a clearer way of explaining but my brain wasn't having any of it. And it did what it does when things get complicated - it shut down. Completely. Switched off, don't ask me a question mode. My brain still can't cope with basic problem solving. Sooo... if anyone tries this and it doesn't make sense, or they can tell me a simpler method, do shout.

And due to all this trauma, I can't afford to give it away, sorry. When I originally posted about it, I did say it would be going up for sale as a PDF..... they are only £1.75 each (in the shop), so still a bargain!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead