I did smile to myself as I read through the comments re my job (or loss of).. nearly everyone knew this was a positive thing! Already, I can feel an unlocking process starting, so yep indeedy PurlPower, it's a 'new dawn'. For starters, it'll be a relief to be able to walk out of the flat without getting paranoid of bumping into the students and being quizzed about my absence. Now I can just tell them I don't work there anymore; I don't owe anyone anything anymore. Not even explanantions. Mariyarn was spot on though, when she said 'teaching was a state of mind', not just a job. I'll probably always be a teacher at heart. Shula - I'll still be posting - try and stop me! Being as Tom bought himself a flashy PC, I can use his laptop. Sorted.

There are still loose ends to tie up, lots of forms to sign etc etc. Will be a busy week for admin. Sigh. I should be at AngelKnits tuesday night, but if that's the evening arranged by school for me to collect my books and resources, then I'll have to skip it. Also need to tidy up this flat properly, and make space for all my books so they don't end up being piled up in some corner. The book shelves are filled with tat and clutter, so will be rather refreshing to start clearing out and chucking out again. Can't wait to have them all back, will certainly help me feel whole again.

Remember this? It's happening this thursday. When I said a while back that September would be a month of landmarks, I wasn't wrong!

Shall leave you with some pretty pictures of things in progress.

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