I am now unemployed. No longer a teacher. My contract termination date is 30th September, not that that makes much difference.

Had the big meeting this morning, and it was inevitable. Technically, my contract has been terminated on medical grounds, as apposed to a dismissal and it was all arranged rather nicely. Hell, I'll even be able to draw on my teachers' pension!

Have still got to go in and collect all my Textile books and resources and hand back this crappy laptop, which will be one evening early next week. Was expecting to feel something, possibly relief, but right now it feels like any other day. Maybe having all my books at home and the official letter in my hands will make it a bit more real.

Next stop - the Benefits Agency. Now that will be fun.

The wine did it, not me. The wine tried to text everyone in my phonebook but lost track. It just wanted to tell everyone that it helped reality kick in, and that Woolly is now very happy to be free. V.happy.

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