I've had a mention in Simply Knitting this month!

Incase you can't read it, it says

"For a fantastic website with all the latest trendy strands on the hand-dyed yarn scene, go to www.woollywormhead.co.uk"

Wahoo! Ok, so it's not the review that Miss Bell or Silkwood got but it's my first offline press so I ain't gonna complain! (and they have both been in this business much longer than me)

A massive thanks to Sue for letting me know and scanning the page for me. Also got this link sent to me during my afternoon nap - had a server error when I tried to read it but apparently there's a Hat thing going on and I've been mentioned!

Have been getting a lot of press lately, mostly online... it's all good. Kinda wonder if these are little karmic buffers, making up for the fact that I'm going to lose my job any day now?

Coincidentally, have started getting retail enquiries for my patterns and yarns. If anyone has any advice this, in particular trade/wholesale prices and the legal aspect of paper patterns, am all ears.

And thank you all for the well wishes on my last post - am gradually getting round to emailing everyone. Had a brilliant time again last night, even if I was riddled with anxiety on the trains and have slept most of today. Small steps, eh?

Update:- 'Bratmobile' you've just remined me! Whenever anyone asks about the Hat I'm wearing in my profile photo I direct them towards NipperTails - that's basically the pattern I used, except with a chunkier yarn so re-jigged the gauge, and moved the tail holes around.

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