Myself, Amy and Carina headed south for a few days to the pretty area known as West Sussex. We decided upon Arundel direction (loads of campsites on the map) packed the car and went. (actually, it wasn't that simple as Carina lives in Guildford and we picked her up enroute. Also, we had thought about Pevensey but I was driving and was too tired. We wanted to be a short distance from Brighton, so Arundel it was)

Eventually we found a campsite that wasn't rammed to the hedges and settled in. By this time it was dark (one day I will put my tent up in the daylight) and so we headed to the onsite pub (handy) We had allsorts of spider issues, being pitched under a tree (picture the scenario if you will) yet we weren't deterred.

Daylight the next morning told us that the campsite wasn't as good as we'd hoped - a lone tent of females amongst fields of caravans with families. Oh well. Still, we sat and knitted, wandered around Brighton, sat in the pub and knitted, barbecued steak and slept.

We caused a bit of a stir - not just because we were 3 lone females in a tent - but with our constant knitting. We even had kids asking us what we were doing. We offered to teach one boy but he wasn't keen. Shame. Still, he told us all about the things his granny had knitted him.

As you can see, I started making some more freeform spiral shapes, more organic than my normal spirals so we'll see how that Hat develops. I did have to keep putting folk right, as I wasn't knitting but crocheting, but hey, that's a minor point. Amy and Carina were, so they weren't too far wrong.

Being as I'd left Mr. Tom at home (again) I took him home a couple of presents, one of which were these - 'Lambs Whoopsies'.... how about these for the Sheep Challenge? I thought they were fab! They're not real sheep poo. Infact they're chocolate covered raisins, and it didn't take Tom too long to finish the packet. You can buy anything in Brighton.

And then we came home. Have spent most of the last 2 days in bed due to exhaustion, but I had fun so no complaints.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead