Have just got back from a few days camping with a couple of girlfriends so have plenty of things to catch up on, including sleep ;) Had a great time, so will post photos (including one for the sheep challenge) and tales of adventures in the next post.

The Hat group reguarly holds virtual exhibitions, and the latest one is up. 4 of mine are in, including some of the spiral Hats. A huge thanks to Prudence for curating and organising this. Click here to see the latest exhibition. Aren't all the Hats just bloomin' brilliant?

September is a month of landmarks. The 21st sees this blog's first anniversary! Yep indeedy, the very first post went live nearly a year ago. Also, that counter will be showing a whopping 100,000 hits during the month, which is really amazing. Half of the traffic comes from the free patterns and tutorials, but even still that's some going!

So I've been wondering how to celebrate? Was kinda thinking along the lines of a competition, maybe give away some hand-spun or a CD of my patterns? Hmmm.. any ideas? And being as there's 2 landmarks, maybe have 2 'prizes' up for grabs...

Hey SP - so glad you left me a comment, as I've been wondering how you are! Nope, I haven't worked out who you are... so won't be popping by your blog just yet ;)

Right. My new drum carder arrived today so I've got stuff to play with ;) Over and out.

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