Thanks for your thoughts and comments regards the funeral. Not having anything to compare it to, it was alright. Weird, but alright. Sara and her family seem to be coping well so long as they keep busy. Can't imagine how hard it must be for them.

And now some woolly stuff.

Have been fiddling with a few Hat designs.... am gonna be a big brave girl and try submitting something to Knitty, so no clues about that. Have a freebie pattern to post on here (yey) which should be up soon.

Thing is, I'm not sure about this one... was considering putting it up as a PDF for sale - any thoughts?

It's pink, I know. But I'm wondering if the design is a little too.... fussy for Wormhead? It's quite fiddly to work although not too difficult. Just not sure if I should go to the effort of writing it and loading it up? Hmm.....

Hopefully now I've done the bulk of all the admin.... tsk.... man, it does my head in. Yey to more fibre play!

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