Grrrr - don't you just hate admin? Have hardly done any woolly stuff these past few days. Tsk.

Photo Call
Right then folks, knitters of Wormhead Hats! There is now an 'Owners' Gallery' on my site, and I really need all you wearers of my Hats to send in your photos. You can remain anonymous (i.e. photo without face & name) or I can add links, your choice. Nice, clear shots are needed and a smile is a bonus. Send along your photos as jpeg files to with any relevant info. Please, pretty please. I know you've made them!

Today is the funeral of my friends' Dad. I have a wardrobe full of black clothes but can't decide what is suitable to wear. Have also realised this is the first funeral I have ever been to. Could be a strange day.

Normal woolliness will resume soon.

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