Ok, so we all know Sheep rock. So it's about time we showed it, eh? And I'm not just referring to the fluffy version that hangs from my rear view mirror. I mean properly.

The whole point of this challenge is to photograph as many types of sheep as possible. Ever noticed how many pictures of these fella's you see everywhere? All those illustrations and advertisements? Well, I'm gonna make it my mission to find them all and keep a photographic record.

I could dash off to the countryside (ooh arhh) and take loads and loads of photos sheep in the fields. But that'd be boring, almost like cheating. I mean the sorta sheep that aren't quite where they should be. Like on bottles of Ale.

And more bottles of Ale.

How about cheese?

And even on the PC.

So all normal, real life woolly sheep can go about their daily business of eating grass and providing the fluffy stuff. The focus is on the other fellas - daft, imaginary or artificial sheep. I don't care if folk were staring at me strangely in the supermarket as I photographed bottles of beer. The point is to be as carefree as possible and let the world know that I lurve sheep and I don't care (man)

Rules Guidelines:-

  • No normal, grass munchin' real life sheep shots.
  • To throw caution to the wind and be tutted at whilst taking photographs.
  • The more obscure, the better. Even if they're on a packet of tampons, they're snapped.
  • Photos clearly showing the Sheep and their (if appropriate) product.
  • Update as and when the moment occurs. No pressure, no deadline.
  • Bare in mind animal welfare at all times (love that sheep!)

Wanna join me? Feel free, my woolly friend. Just save the button to your own server and link back to this post. A comment with a link to your photos would be cool - share your sheep!

And I really, really don't mind if nobody pays a blind bit of notice to my insanity. Honest.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead