Yeah, I know I owe trillions of emails (well, 4) Grumpiness has been to stay and trust me, you wouldn't want an email from me right now disturbing your inbox.

Anyhow's, another of my bestest buddies (Carina) landed on our doorstop yesterday to cheer me up and handed over a (very) belated birthday pressie. A little story all about a sheep who couldn't get to sleep. A sheep called 'Woolly'. How cool is this? BTW, that's not a full moon crashed into the field on the cover, just my flash. Ta darlin, we love it.

Anyone else use Real Player for films and music on their PC? Well, you might not know it but you can change the graphics from that tacky Nebula stylee into a funky dancing sheep. Yep indeedy, yet more evidence that sheep rock. Click yer mouse and you can change his Hat, and he'll jiggle away to your favourite tunes. Actually he's a her not a him, and she's called Annabelle.

So while my ego doesn't give a monkeys' what anyone thinks, I'll discuss this blog challenge I've been brewing on....

AuthorWoolly Wormhead