A quick pimping moment again - have started de-stashing, clearing and listing on Ebay. There are some yarns and photography equipment at the moment, more crafty things to follow. Needs must; it's gotta go and I need the cash. Checkout my selling username - woollygirl1971

Hopefully this post should be a bit more interesting than the last one! Think I'm gonna go away for nearly two weeks and forget all about wool? Not likely.

The thing that cheered me when we arrived was to discover that we were camping in one of the sheep fields. Bits of wool everywhere. Now, obviously most of the found wool ain't much use, too harsh and weathered. Yet there was loads stuck to the barbed wire fences that was rather soft, so I went about collecting it. Drove everyone mad. There's only about 10g at the most, and not sure what to do with it. Shall wash it, dye it and maybe add it to a skein, who knows. But it's a nice souvenir, don't you think?

On the first proper day of the festy, I had a wander around the site and found the Natural Dye Studio - a big 'hello' to Amanda and family! We chatted for ages about dyeing and wool and knitting and.. well, wool ;) Sorry folks that I didn't come back again with my wheel or for that kindly offered glass of vino - the weekend didn't quite go to plan. It was lovely to meet them and fondle all of their gorgeous yarns.. as always, so much better in the flesh. And they had some fab knitted Hats too! I was naughty and treated meself to a handful of sample skeins (which will no doubt be my last woolly purchase for months) The colours are wonderful, and the fluffy merino boucle is sooo soft! Could have bought so much more. Oh well.

My Hitch-Hiker went with me (it ain't a travel wheel for nothing) and although I worked and slept more than intended, some merino was spun. There are 2 skeins, same colours and style just different weights. They are set, so will weight them etc and add them to the shop shortly. Actually, whenever I sat outside my tent in the back-stage area, spinning, the wheel got a lot of interest. Really should have got my act together and taken it out into the main festival.

During my restful moments (which were a plenty) two Hats were made (please excuse the naff photography)

The first one is knitted from my own handspun. The main yarn is a core spun of yummy soft mohair, dyed and gifted by the generous Maylin. The other yarn used is a merino single ply with odd bits of silk noil added. I do like this Hat and it was super quick to knit (an hour?) but am not sure if it's Wormhead stylee, y'know?

The second Hat is crocheted, and I much prefer the shape of this one. Main yarn is Lambs Pride worsted which is just a dream to work with. Worked top down. The accent stripes are one of the sample dyed yarns I bought from Amanda - colours work really well, methinks. They haven't been blocked yet and probably smell of festivals, so shall wash them nicely and photograph them properly.

On the way home, I eventually found a suitable use for the first skein spun on the Hitch-Hiker. Remember how I cursed it for being awful and lumpy? Well, each time I tried to knit it just didn't work.. perfectionist me just wouldn't allow a lumpy knit. Then I tried crocheting some spirals on a tight gauge and voila! The spin makes the spirals all curvy and organic, which when mixed with another yarn should make an interesting freeform Hat. Finally, I'm happy with this yarn.

Whilst away, a 2nd parcel arrived from my SP - she's such a star! I will do a seperate post in her honour, as the tiredness is getting to me again. Some raw kid mohair also arrived, which is washed and ready to dye - am so in love with it.

Also, whilst wandering around the supermarket yesterday enjoy a carefree moment (which is rare as the places give me panic attacks) the idea of a daft blog challenge struck me. Shall think on that further, as it could be fun but don't want to set myself up for a failure either....hmm...

Right, sleep. Laters xx

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