The Haul... I was in full on fibre mode shopping wise, being as I'd had my first ever spinning lesson and my new wheel keeps beckoning me. You don't have to be a spinner to get the most out of WoolFest, yarns were a plenty, though I'd reckon you'd leave wanting to learn the twisting art.

2 skeins from Eden Valley SWD Guild - 100g in purples and reds, 150g in blues and greens, both Cheviot plied with silk (won't tell you how cheap they were) and a gift from Susoolu - a skein of Hello Mango handspun - thank you so much! Have no idea what I'll do with these yet, so shall just continue to stroke them for the time being.

Left - 500g of Blue Faced Leicester and Superfine Alpaca blend - a kinda fluffy boucle yarn from and yummily soft! Right is 900g of lush Alpaca, a soft ply of aran gauge, from UK Alpaca Ltd. Both of these will be dyed up for a craft fairs later in the year. If I'd have been in my car rather than on the train, loads more of these would have found their way home.

100g quantities of hand dyed tops, English wool, from the Spindlers2 stall. There was also a lilac/purple one, but that's already been spun! (it's setting) Then we have 190g of hand dyed Wenslydale tops from the Wenselydale Sheep Shop. This was one of my more frivolous treats... am definiely getting more frugal these days... even still, these fibres weren't over priced and good value for money. Those Wenslydale fibres are going to be so wonderful to spin - imagine all those colours!

95g of hand dyed Shetland.... a subtle mix of shades. All dyed with red cabbage, each one with a different mordant. Yet again I have absolutely no idea who I bought this from... my head was getting a bit frazzled saturday afternoon. I'm really intriqued to see how this spins up... have an idea, being as the shades are so soft, and methinks it will be a bit of a special yarn.

120g of Cotswold, 160g of Black Welsh and 155g of Blue Faced Leicester. All carded and really good quality from Moral Fibre.

100gs each of Merino... there's loads of Merino floating around, and I do prefer to try as many different fibres and breeds as I can, but this stuff is handy for colourful novelty yarns. Not sure why the community goes so mad for it - Blue Faced Leicester is easily comparable and it's home grown!

Some raw Alpaca fleece - couldn't resist buying knowing the name of the animal they came from! There's about 100g each, and will probably dye them. There was a funny moment saturday afternoon, as we wandered around the livestock looking at the fleeces.... seeing a farmer selling her Alpaca fleeces, and me asking how much they were, was dumbstruck when she said they were £3.50 a kilo... come again? Poor woman realised what she said, and corrected herself.. bless. On the left we have fleece from Esther, and on the right we have Ghilli (with photo).. both live in North Yorkshire.

Scoured and bleached tops, ready for dyeing and spinning. 500g of Blue Faced Leicester, 500g of Wenslydale and 200g of Alpaca. Have only just realised that here are my 3 fave fibres, all nestling together.... awww. All of these were loads cheaper than you'd expect - the Alpaca was £1.50 a 100g, £8 each for the Bluey and Wensles. Bargain.

Some slate buttons (treated so they won't flake or chip), a pewter Sheep pin, 5mm ebony & 6mm rosewood DPN's (just as a treat) a black sheep tape measure (my white one is looking a bit worse for wear) The skipping rope is made from Herdwick wool, with old mill bobbins for handles. Love it.

And finally (I think) the North Ronaldsay fleece. Weighing in at 1.25kg, there should be around 1.1kg left after scouring or there abouts, as it's a pretty clean fleece. These fella's are rare breeds, although this one didn't come from the Orkney Isles or have a diet of seaweed (although it's still had specialist care and a careful diet) After my first raw fleece, am gonna need to book the bathroom as Mr Tom complained about the bath being out of action for a couple of days (it was a filthy fleece, mind) He doesn't like the smell of warm lanolin either, but tough luck matey ;)

Well, I did buy a lot, eh? It's not all for me, much of it will become Hats or yarns for selling at craft fairs. Can you imagine the fun I had yeserday, trying to cross London in this heat on the tube, with my spinning wheel, suitcase and this lot? Am still really exhausted... the last few days have been such fun and am so glad I made it, but like SkipNorth, it's gonna take me a while to recover. Think I need sleep *again*....

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