So many comments and emails - thank you - not sure what else to say. Feel embarrassed and rather stupid for that last post.

I am sorry, too. I do try and keep this blog as my positive space, so that when complete chaos rules my head I can sit back and see that I can achieve something. So am beratting myself in true style for tainting it, and imposing my downers and head wobbles on anyone passing through. I would try and explain myself, the depression but that would be a never ending story and I'd only dig myself a deeper hole. So shall keep reminding myself that it's the chemicals in my brain playing up, the same chemicals that are responsible for all my creativity. It's all part of the fun process.

Good news just in. I'll be off to The Big Chill festy this year. Sheila (MIL) is supervising the build for the Lost Vagueness tent, so I'm going along to help out keep her company and get a freebie ticket (obviously). A whole bunch of us are going down in a truck a week early, so shall have a full week away. Tom can't make it until the weekend of the festy - it doesn't look like he'll be doing much festival work this year. I'll probably come back with even itchier feet, desperate to get our truck finished and get on the road, but at least I'll feel at home for a while. I've been told to take my Hitch-Hiker and some hand-spun, so if anyone else is going, look out for a crazy woman with dreadlocks spinning in the midday sun. Think the Natural Dye Studio will be there too?

For Swapna, some promised photos of Minky and Spook. Because cat photos always cheer us up :) Enjoy the weekend xx

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