Socks! Not a common sight on this 'ere blog. I could take a photo of them on my feet, but somehow that don't seem my style. Nice and long, perfect boot socks. Knitted from the yarn my DOR buddy dyed for me, which is a superwash double knit. Aren't they cool? Maybe a tad bright for everyday wear, so these shall be my special socks, for those days when I don my big boots, stick a loud Hat on and march down the street. Don't see meself getting into self striping yarns much, not of the sock variety, but hand-dyed is cool.

Now some Hats. As if I could go for too long without making a Hat. Some of them still have to remain secret for now for various reasons, yet these I can share.

'Runnin' Beanie' - shall write the pattern up and post it here - a really quick knit. Designed and made it on the train up to Sheffield - that quick.
Made from my own hand-dyed chunky, it uses the old favourite drop-that-stitch pattern which not only makes for good fun near completion, but also means you cast on much fewer stitches. I might tweek the pattern a tad before posting - need to find my notes again....

This was one I was trying out for different crown shapes, only it's not worked as I thought. Think I should have increased less stitches for the body, so that the dinky peak would be more noticeable and pert. The yarn is from handpaintedyarns, and the colours are lovely - I like the way the stripes change with the increases/decreases. I might try it again, so there's more of a pixie feel to it.

Another use for granny squares! I do like this one, gotta say. Composed of 5 largish squaures, each one having a gentle peak. Just stitched 'em together, DC around the rim, and hey presto. The colours alternate in each square, and the colours are worked in continous srtiped rounds, spiral fashion. Green and purple work nice together, don't you think?

And some yarn. Weighing in at 3.75oz/95g, which is a bit strange as I'm sure I bought 40z of the merino used in one of the plies...oh well. 111m of roughly chunky weight, and I really like how the colours have mixed - plain terracota for one ply, the other is a random mix of red's, greens, oranges etc. Might sort some of my dyed and spun yarns and add an extra page to my shop.. or could list some on Etsy. What do folk think - sell my yarns? Would help me stash a little....

Back now to crocheting loads of little horns all over a Hat. A Hat. I'm making another Hat. Fancy that.

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