There's been way to much 'grrrr' and 'arghhhh' lately, so a bit of yarn doodling has been the ideal release. Mainly crochet (forgive me, knitters, there is some stick action on the 2nd one) from oddments from my stash. Click on smaller images to biggify.

All wools, in a variety of reds and pinks. Started as a play with crochet spirals, until there were enough to join them all together. This one did need blocking, which worked a treat at getting all the shapes to sit evenly. It fits really snuggly on the head, and me reckons it would look great on someone with long, smooth hair (i.e. not dreadlocks)

After feeling damned chuffed with meself for the red one, I thought I'd try these little, erm... horny spikey shapes. The pattern I have in mind for the AntiCraft needed some experimentation with 3D crochet, and so this little fella was born. Look stick devotees, it has a knitted brim! All natural fibres again, wool, mohair, merino etc (like you'd expect anything else?)

Man, I tell you, it felt *great* to free myself up. Feel like I'm on a roll, so expect more like this!

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