Have been awake since just after 4am... my Dad would say it's because I'm all excited about WoolFest. But before I can get to St. Pancras and jump on that train, I have that pesky sickness interrogation review meeting. If the meeing starts late or over runs, I have a train to catch and that's my escape plan.

I'm taking the suitcase along with me, which contains my new baby (and plenty of room for wool and fibre) so I can leave straight from work. I don't do suitcases - my rule states that if it doesn't fit in my rucksack, it doesn't get packed. But hey, my Hitch-Hiker wants it's first adventure.

Here's the first skein of yarn produced on my new wheel. As far as quality goes, it's rubbish. In my excitement I grabbed the nearest piece of fibre to play with, only to remember it was a 50/50 merino & mohair roving. Possibly not the best to start with. It's hand dyed by moi, and the colours are all mixed up and looking lovely - just a shame the yarn is soo patchy. There's about 90g here, no idea of the yardage, and the yarn can't decide if it's DK, aran or chunky.

Have never had a spinning lesson. Apart from a rushed half hour's guidance about maintaining my old wheel and 'how to get started' about 9 years ago, I'm self taught. So this weekend I will be hunting down advice on dealing with the tension and how to stop it grabbing.

I can't wait to run around taking loads of photos of sheep and fondle all those fibres! And being as this is my first, and possibly last, trip to WoolFest, I'm gonna blow my savings :) See ya the other side of the weekend!

(and can you all stop lusting after my wheel? She's mine, buy your own ;)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead