Can you tell what it is yet? Who am I kidding! It's my mini Hitch-Hiker!! Yey!!

Measuring just a mere 16.5 inches high, 7 inches wide (the mini version is even smaller than the normal one), this little baby of mine is finally here... words really cannot express how excited I am!

It's taken it's time getting here, as they're made to order and there was a waiting list to join. Then of course shipping from the US, with the added bonus of getting nabbed by customs and stung for VAT. But I don't care - even with the additional charge, this has worked out cheaper than buying a brand new wheel here. And it's smaller and a damn sight sexier than the Ashford Traveller wheels.

And to top all that, this wheel is the first they'd shipped to the UK - this is the first Hitch-Hiker this side of the pond! No other spinners here have one.. hope you're all suitably jealous? Here it is in my (messy) den, just to show how small and cute it is.

Check out the specs and the owners' gallery - mine will be customised too, obviously. But patience isn't my virtue, so I've already tried it out. Wouldn't you? I mean, it's not everyday you get a brand spanking new spinning wheel delivered! I had a feeling it might be like a Louet, and it is - a real tugger! It's going to take some practice, getting use to the way it grabs the yarn - my only wheel before this was an Ashford Traditional, which was far more gentle.

Oh, what perfect timing, with WoolFest this saturday and enough money sitting in my savings account waiting to be raided..

AuthorWoolly Wormhead