Gotta say, our digital service provider are damn good. Thanks to them, we're back online after only 2 days absence. Cool. Wish I could say the same about BT.....

Right then! To keep AmyP quiet, here's the promised photos of the finished shrug. Can we please not mention the stone in weight I've gained in the last 12 months due to these damn meds? (I know Mum, a bit of exercise wouldn't hurt)

The angora knitted up a treat. I used the yarn doubled, which gave a perfect aran tension of 18sts to 10cm. Single, the yarn is roughly a 4ply and I don't need that kinda torment at the moment, so doubled it was. Originally I wanted to knit from a found pattern, but couldn't find anything I fancied, and of course AmyP badgered encouraged me to design my own. So I did.

Constructed using a basic top down raglan formula, without the front sections. I stopped it at elbow length on the sleeves, as I figured that the ends would curl and stretch and look all yucky. It has just the right amount of ease for my liking - not too keen on tight fitting knitwear, especially one that fluffs. Random lengths of ladder stitch appear as and when I felt like it, though being black you can't see the detail too clearly. Does anyone else find that when knitting ladder stitch, that no matter how you do it, it always needs a little tidy up before blocking?

Having 400g of this lush pure angora at my disposal, this shrug only used 140g.... not sure what to do with the remainder of it. To be honest, methinks I'll Ebay it. This angora is doing what any angora does, and leaves fluff behind on your clothes. Besides, when we get on the road I won't be wanting too many high maintenance clothes.... hand washing is fine by me, but not for everything I wear! I'm not very good at having lots of clothes anyway.

Other news.... the absence of the internet really does give you time to get stuff done, y'know? Nothing to tempt you away from the job in hand. So, another spiral Hat in purples is blocking, and I'm just finishing the 2nd sample Hat that I've designed for the AntiCraft. The pattern is written, so just need to take a few quick photos to email to Zab for approval. It's another wacky design, and was having fits of laughter as I was finishing the first one last night.... hopefully it won't bring about another YKW mention.... I really must remember not to submit my weirdest designs in future.

Having got out of bed way too early this morning in preperation for the engineer, methinks a doze is in order before I tackle my inbox...

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