Why do the gremlins always strike? Y'know, there's only one company who rates as bad as Royal Mail in my world, and that's BT. Oh yeah. Long story, let's not go there. Back online now.

Meantime, another pattern has been finished. Bobba. Started ages ago and then left all alonesome to knit the shrug ('tis blocking, photos as soon as it's dry). It's already in the shop at £1.50. Talking off prices etc, after checking all the fees I'm paying and such, regrettably I've decided to put the prices up to £1.75. A bit of notice is fair in my eyes, so will do it from 1st July.

Back to Bobba. You'd need 100g/137yds/126m 0f chunky yarn, gauge 16/17 sts to 10cm/4" on 5mm DPNs (or thereabouts). The knitted bobble is straightforward, and if you don't fancy that, try an I-cord instead. I've rather taken to knitted bobbles, as they're much more durable than pompoms (and quicker to make, too) Tom's nick-named it the 'aubergine Hat', but I think it's more of a pumkin meself.

On the subject of Tom, here's what happens when you let your boyfriend model another new Hat.

Fun fun fun!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead