Apart from some goodies for my SP and Dye-O-Rama buddy, I was an ultra good girl during the month of May (it's the truth - absolutely no yarn bought at all. I haven't bought any yarn for meself since my day out with Flossie) Infact, all my frivolous spending was directed towards truck stuff. So finding I had a few quid left at the end of the month, treats were in order.

Found some lovely gems on Ebay, including these hand made Kashmiri beads (left) and these hand made African glass beads (right) Fiddling around, I fancied some stitch markers that could be used with crochet, something hooked.... so rummaging through my silver jewellery stash, I came across a whole bunch of tiny silver sleepers which did the job nicely. Whilst the wire and pliers were out, I made meself some hooked row counters too... dead handy for working in the round as well as crochet.

The best item I found though, by far, was this oddity. It's beautiful, but most definitely an oddity. Made from a coconut shell, it's a wool holder. It unzips (get that - a zip on a coconut. bizzare) to reveal a gorgeous print lining - this has to be hand made, for sure.

Isn't it amazing, and so wonderfully quirky? I absolutely love items like this - a real on off. I couldn't resist it - can you blame me? I was also a bad girl and ordered 2 books, they've not arrived yet though.

Other news - finally got my act together and sorted meself an Etsy shop (button & link in right sidebar) The currency/exchange rate does make my stuff look pricey compared to a lot of sellers, yet I did find a few others selling at similar prices, which cheered me a little. Shall just see how it goes.

A little bird tells me it's friday night, so time to order a take-out :)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead