Mr. Postie got me out of bed this morning (normal for a saturday) to give me a parcel. We love parcels, eh? My Dye-O-Rama buddy had told me goodies were on the way, so seeing a US Airmail sticker, figured it was from her. What initially confused me was the sender's name - the parcel was from the lady I'd been dyeing for and spoiling...strange....

Here's what I found inside:-

4oz of DK superwash wool, hand-dyed in the most wonderful jewel shades. There are purples, teals, greens, blues and oh so many lovely colours! I am kinda thinking that maybe I won't knit socks from this, as our boots make mincemeat of anything too precious... but then maybe I will, as I don't have any special socks...will have to sit and stroke it a bit more before I decide ;)

Lots of hand-made glass beads and a pair of 5mm needles with glass tops! Here's a closer look for detail:-

Aren't they amazing?! So beautiful. And to top it all, my Dye-O-Rama buddy made these herself. I'm bowled over - she's very talented, and I'm very envious of her glasswork.

The letter inside sealed the deal, as yep, my buddy for this exchange was also my buddy, and so we've been spoiling each other! Wonder if other Dye-O-Rama participants have found this? My exchangee is Teri, a woman who knits more socks than I've ever seen on any blog (and she probably thought the same of me and my hats) Go check her out - she sells her glass and lampwork, and makes such beautiful pieces. I haven't posted any photos of my dyeing for this exchange, as there were only 7 of us from the UK and wanted to remain secret (and good job too, now I know my spoilee was checking in)

Teri has made my day, thank you! The sun is out, so maybe me and Tom shall go off and have a lovely afternoon somewhere. Have a fun weekend folks xx

AuthorWoolly Wormhead