Kerrie is running a fun contest to celebrate her 30th birthday. The whole idea is to list 30 things about yourself, email the link, and the random winner gets yarny goodies! Now, being as this is a special birthday I'm gonna try and keep this light hearted ;)

1) It's no news that I have an appalling memory. Lists and bits of paper have long since failed, so a couple of years ago, I tried something new. Whenever I needed to remember something for work I'd phone home and leave myself a message on my answering machine. This worked for a while until one day I came home, found a message on the answering machine, played it and then thinking "who the hells that?" promptly deleted it. Sad day when you don't recognise the sound of your own voice.
2) I have a strawberry birthmark right next to my belly button. Growing up, I hated it as it looks sincerely like a love bite. These days I kinda think it's sexy.
3) Spanish is a language I've always wanted to learn. Tom speaks fluent Italian, so in an effort to be less British I bought a language course on CD to help me. Needless to say Tom is doing better than me. At school, I was adviced against taking French as an option for exams, because I was sooo bad at it.
4) There are 6 piercings in my left ear, 12 in my right ear and 1 in my nose. None anywhere else thank you very much.
5) I like hairy men, the hairier the better. Clean shaven boys do nothing for me. Hairy backs are just weird, obviously, though hairy chests are the sexiest thing ever. Rock on Tom ;)
6) I was always mistaken for a boy when growing up. Even at age 19, it was hard to tell, apparently. I was with boyfriend of the moment, buying something from Norwich market and as the seller gave me the change he said - "There you go love. Oh sorry mate, I thought you were a girl! (pause) Oh shit, you are a girl".
7) I've been interrogated by Bangkok police. I dropped a cigarrette butt outside the train station, which I didn't know was illegal. I managed to haggle my fine down by three quarters, by being a naive English tourist in Thailand.
8) My great, great, grandfather (mothers' side) was James Connolly, leader of the 1916 Easter uprising, the man who bought about the independance of Southern Ireland. I haven't checked this fact for myself, but I'm assured it's true.
9) My first gig was The Damned, aged 14.
10) I *love* getting wet in the summer rain! Oh, and I loathe umbrellas. Truely dangerous pieces of equipment.
11) My first car accident happened a year to the day after I passed my driving test. I flipped a mini upside down into a field in Somerset.
12) I've never dyed my hair blue or green.
13) Have only ever had one speeding ticket. My mini (not the one I flipped) had just had it's engine re-bored, and I caught doing 50 in a 30 limit. Tsk.
14) Technically I have 3 tattoos, but only 2 are visible. The last one was on the soul of my right foot. In fear of hurting me, the tattooist didn't got very deep, and all that's left are 2 dots.
15) My favourite claim to fame relates to the only time Nirvana played in the UK (Reading Festival, '90 or '91) There was terrential rain, and I just couldn't be arsed to walk through the mud so I slept through their performance.
16) I don't do shoes. Hate shoe shopping. I've a few pairs of trainers, few pairs of boots and that does me nicely, thank you very much.
17) The thought of wearing non-matching underwear gives me the heebies. Black bra and white knickers - what are you thinking? These days I keep all my undies black to make life easy.
18) Don't own any lipstick, foundation or blusher. However, I do have a liking for buying kohl pencils, eye shadow and mascara. Not that I wear them very often, I'm allergic to most.
19) I don't believe in shampoo or hairdressers. Actually, hair products full stop are the work of the devil. Your hair doesn't need them!
20) In theory, I'm a Taoist with a few Pagan principles.
21) Material possessions I may have, but there aren't many I'd choose to keep in a critical situation. My skills are the most precious things to me.
22) I'm tone deaf and can't play any musical instruments.
23) As a rule, I don't vote. Think I have twice, under pressure, and probably voted for the Green Party.
24) 'Nothing Compares 2U' by Sinead O'Connor, 'Losing My Religion' by REM and 'Green and Grey' by New Model Army are all guaranteed to make me cry.
25) My dream car is a 1970's 5-series Scimitar.
26) I do actually own a suit, which surprises some people. I designed it myself, and had it made-to-measure in Koh Samui. It's cashmere & wool, trouser suit in black. Obviously. It's been worn twice in 2 years.
27) I have a deep love for supposedly 'run-down and working class' seaside resorts (read Hastings and Southend)
28) I prefer to be bra-less in summer. When I headed north for a few days by myself in Thailand, it took some time to realise that people were staring because I wasn't wearing a bra. That and the fact that I was the only European around. Oh, and I had a red mohican. (I went right off the tourist track, to the Thai equivalent of Birmingham) Somtimes I do get bothered about going topless on beaches though, depends where I am (and where my head's at)
29) Wish I could do the whole 'jump out of bed and be lively' thing. I need lots of time and coffee before I can function.
30) I have a tendency to laugh inappropriately. And I often get the blame for things 'happening', as apparently I'm a bit mischevious.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead