Am having a bit of trouble with words today.... maybe it's down to the fact that this morning I had to down coffee and go and help Sheila (my mother-in-law) with a puncture & flat tyre, which turned into an episode of running around garages for an air pump (flat spare etc). Or maybe I'm still in shock after wanting a massive wool spend yet not finding anything I want to buy. 8 weeks since I bought any yarn or fibres - you'd think I'd wanna splurge. Strange.

The black angora is turning into a very nice little shrug, which should be finished soon with photos. Everyone confirmed my doubts that it wouldn't be suitable for the clapotis, yet I've not used 100g of the fluffy stuff yet so maybe I could try a mini version with the remainder...

Anyhow - main reason for posting. A new Hat. A green Hat. Beautiful and elfin like, this has to be my favourite so far.

I would explain how it's done, etc, yet the words are stuck. I bought a pilates/yoga DVD on special offer today, so I'm off to give it a go (I can hear my mum laughing from here)

Post edit:-
Have only just noticed, but the colour's not quite right in these photos. It's more green in real life. More 'Peter Pan', y'know?

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