I've got 400g of purest lushest black angora here that I snapped up for a rockin £20. Yep, 20 quid. Hate me? Anyhows.... it's been sitting here since it's purchase at SkipNorth and can't decide what to knit with it.

I want something for me, was thinking of a shrug or something, then came over all clapotis. Now, there ain't many of us left in knitting blogdom who haven't made at least one of these. And, y'know, something a little more girlie than my usual taste is in order. It's a DK-ish weight, 4mm probably, gauge no real problem though.

It's angora. Do you reckon it'd be up to the dropped stitches, or would the yarn get messy? Any other nice patterns out there that would suit a bit of the ol' fluffy stuff?

AuthorWoolly Wormhead