I got my first parcel from my SP - yey! Completely foiled by the Amazon packaging, I found inside some items from my wishlists. We're DVD central here these days, preparing for our truck dwelling days and cool film is always welcome ;)

The book is one of the only ones of it's kind that chronicles how Textiles affected the lives of women, and society in general, throughout history (I tend to get a bit academic and geeky about my fave subject, incase anyone hadn't noticed) I've got one beside the bed that I'm browsing about Textiles throughout mythology, so this will be my next read. A huge thanks to my SP!

Has anyone tried the photographic light tents that seem to be becoming more available? I bought one during the week on Ebay for a fraction of the R.R.P. and it's brilliant! Professional looking photos and hours of endless amusement for the cats. It's a 30" cube, so a little bigger than I need, yet I ain't complaining for the money paid. Included were 4 backdrop cloths and instructions for folding - it folds down to the size of a frisbee. For the benefit of my Mum, here's a few shots from our afternoon of practice. We've pretty much got the lighting sussed now, and I feel kinda inclined to re-photograph all of my Hats...

The feedback for the latest 2 Hats has been amazing - thanks to everyone for their lovely words! Definitely feel like I've had a creative breakthough, y'know? So not wanting these kiddies to be one-hit-wonders, a bit more yarny play has been going on. I started one in the same fashion as the red spirals, this time in whites and naturals.... but it just ain't working. Think I was trying too hard? So that's been put to one side until it speaks to me again, and I raided my stash for greens. Now, the greens are working. Unfortunately, Blogger won't let me upload any more photos right now, so will share all when it's finished... just all the ends to sew in and then blocking.

Having been in bed, asleep, all day after being a naughty girl and hanging out with sorely missed friends until the wee hours (hello to Amy, Corrie, Franco and everyone else!) and mightily paying the price, I'm off to catch some more winks in a vain effort to survive tomorrow. And I know it is now tomorrow but you know what I mean.

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