We were aiming to do a boot sale yesterday, but the weather was pants. Still, the amount of stuff piling up in the back of the truck, ready to be sold, is getting bigger.

I've sold my giant, beautiful and loud Warfdale speakers. They've been with me for 16 years, lugged around from home to home. It was either them or my books. The motivation to list my 2000+ vinyl collection is back - something else I've lugged around for years. They don't mean anything to me anymore, and I need the cash. All films and music are being converted to DVD and CD. Tom's just bought a compact PC with top-notch internals for our entertainment system. I've just bought dinky speakers that still pack a punch. I'm currently obsessed with lightweight, unbreakable kitchen goods.

Sliding windows from an old Land Rover are on their way, so we'll able to start on the structural aspect of the conversion. We'll also need a side door, and a 'hatch' to the cab. Once that is all done, we can start on the inside and then we'll be flying.

I had a major freak out last night. Tom eventually found me trying to sleep in the back of the truck. The battery had died on my mobile so I wasn't very popular for going awol.

I do want to do this. I need to do this. I've always hated having so much stuff... it's easy to collect belongings and tie yourself down. It's just the process of turning everything upside down that's difficult. If only I could wave a magic wand to have it all gone, converted into cash, and be ready to leave. All I need is my wool, books, Textile equipment and wheels. I don't want bricks and mortar and AD's.

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