Yep indeedy, it actually didn't rain today. The first day in a whole week when the clouds didn't open, and the first sunday for a month. So we headed on out at a ridiculous hour this morning to do a bootsale.

It may have seemed quiet from about 11am onwards, yet we cleared plenty of boxes and made enough profit to tip us into 3 figures (just). It cheered us up no end to finally be able to sell some stuff and be a little better off for it. Well, the truck kitchen fund is a little better off. We hadn't tried this particular bootsale before, and we'll definitely be back again on the next dry sunday. After all, there's loads more to sell (and the quiet moments are useful for knitting).

After what was a crappy wednesday and spending thursday with my head in the sand, friday was a better day. A light bulb moment struck and I acted upon it.

It started with a realisation that I'm coming to the end of my purchases from, which is obviously a sorry state to be in. Then the thought that so many of my Hat patterns seem to be based on their yarns. So what the heck, why not email them and see if they fancy having some of my free patterns available as downloads on their site? They are free after all, and I could do with the extra press, especially across the pond.

Y'know what? They thought it was a great idea!

Ok, so they're not a huge company. That's what I like about them; an independant seller with the right ethos - working with a cooperative of spinners and dyers. No commercial yarns or mass manufacturing, no middle man making a fat profit. And until now, no patterns or designers to link with. All I need to do is tidy up the free patterns, stick 'em into PDF format, take some betternew photos and email them over. I'd actually just finished another one that I was going to post here as a freebie, so they'll have that as an 'exclusive'. They'll link up to me and my shop, everyone's happy. There's no financial arrangement but if they do want me to write anymore for them, I'll arrange a deal involving yarn ;)

Good news, huh?

Now we're gonna shop online for caravan sinks and cookers, and argue over the truck layout. A truck build update is due too...

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