Y'know, I seem to be on a roll with this pattern writing malarkey. Still not entirely sure whether I'm just churning them out or writing/designing decent Hats, but that's subjectivity for you.... creative children and all that.

So here we have 3 new patterns. 2 crochet, 1 knit, all available at woollywormhead.com at £1.50 each.

Firstly, 'Pixie Flapper'. Using a 5mm hook and 100g/126m/137yds of chunky yarn (as always) it has a gauge of 12dc to 10cm/4". It consists of dc (US-sc) only, with basic increases and decreases. Some folk might not be keen on crocheting a yarn of this gauge, but it's not as thick as you'd imagine - just right actually - and it's quick to make. The pattern includes 2 types of crown shaping and 2 sizes.

Next, the 'Funky Flapper', crochet version. Actually, It's a re-work of the one on my last post that I was undecided about writing... except this one worked out in aran instead of chunky. The idea of adding extra features to the designs appeals, so this one includes 2 types of crown decorations and a 'how-to' on having longer or shorter ear flaps. Both of these were worked with 100g of my own hand-dyed aran (which seems to be in endless supply) with a 4.5mm hook, double crochet, with a gauge of 16dc to 10cm/4".

'Ribba Caps'. This knitting one I am chuffed with - the idea occured as I lay in bed on monday feeling ill again with the nausea, dizziness and headaches. As I started to knit it, I realised that I liked the inside as well as the outside, so wrote both patterns in one. Actually, there's only one line of instruction in the pattern that's different between the 2, and this was the first pattern I've written that didn't require brain ache - meant to be, I suppose.

It requires 100g/137yds/126m of chunky, 5mm DPNs with a gauge of 16/17sts to 10cm/4". As always, 2 sizes are writen into the pattern. As I finished the first one (in red) and put it on the head to look at it, Tom remarked that I was a 'genius' (aren't boyfriend's great?) and reckoned it was going to be popular. I do like it, I have to say.... think it's one of my best to date.... but then who am I to know?

Thanks for everyone's feedback on pricing of patterns. Have kinda decided that £1.50 is ok - apart from the fact that these patterns are no way near as complicated as some are to design/write, I don't want to charge more at the moment. I've been tweaking my website, and sorted out seperate pages for knitting patterns and crochet patterns - didn't do this before, as there was only 1 crochet and that would have looked a bit lonely on it's own page. I will also be adding a page for wool care, containing the same info (and more) that's included on the leaflets I give out with Hat purchases. Seems professional to me, to have this kinda thing available.

Susoolu has inadvertently reminded me that I should have a knitting pattern available for hand-spun yarns too.... hand-spun often has a gauge unique to itself, so me reckons it would be a good idea to get thinking and sort a Hat pattern. After all, most hand-spun seems to be available in 100g or less quantities, so it's ideal (and on the subject of Susoolu and hand-spun, poor dear had a felting accident and is feeling terrible. We've all been there. If anyone has suggestions on how to rescue said dead item, shout away) Thanks also to Lixie for pimping my Hats on her blog ;)

And now some news I'm not so keen on. Very nervous, infact. At 2pm today I have an important meeting, probably the most critical to date. Under the guise of a 'sickness management review', I have to sit and sweat my through an interrogation regards my illness, when will I return to work and so on. Ok, so the Occupational Therapy doctor has given me a few months grace, but that doesn't stop the big worry hanging over my head.

Present will be the Head, Personnel Manager from the Council, myself and the brilliant NUT rep. There was a meeting of this kind when I returned to work after the last bad period of depression last year, and when the subject of 'X' and her bad ways cropped up, I suddenly felt like I was sitting in a court room on trial and got quite scared. The difference this time round is that 'X's behaviour has been fully complained about (and not dealt with properly) and that I'm not returning to work yet.

The fact that the bullying still continued, that my consultant has implied the siuation is responsible for my relapse, that I'm covered by the Disabilities Discrimination Act and that occupational health implied I returned to work too quickly last time could all be ammunition for the defence. The fact that my sickness record is terrible and that it may not improve for quite some time, and the depression will no doubt recurr again, is fuel for the opposition. In a therapy session a couple of weeks back, I was asked to visualise myself at work. All I could see was walking into the staffroom, being so full of fear that it bought on a panic attack which promptly made me throw up, and then I walked out.

I would say 'wish me luck' but I'm not entirely sure what to wish for.

Post update 4.15pm-
Couldn't really tell you how the meeting went; I wasn't sick but I did cry. However I have come home with the feeling that I'm seen as 'mentally ill' in that kinda 'it's all in your head' attitude, and I'm not being taken seriously. The point that certain situations have aggravated the depression seems to have been missed completely. Another meeting has been arranged for 30th June.

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