If you know about multiple intelligences and learning styles, you may well have figured out that I'm about 49% kinesthetic, 47% visual and 4% auditory (it's all explained in the link to learning styles) Which explains why I seem to make all my Hats, play with yarn and all the other woolly things I do naturally, yet can procrastinate for hours over writing the patterns.

Thanks to Tom's constant reminders to write what I'm doing down (let's not call it nagging) I am getting better. It's still pot luck which ones get remembered, which don't.. and which get written down and which don't... but hey, that's half the fun.

I managed to upload 2 more knitting patterns to my site last night. And you will probably notice that there was a bit of a chullo theme occuring.. hey ho... next week it could be pixie Hats, who knows? So here's a little more about them.

The 'Funky Flapper'. I've had requests for chullo/ear flap Hats, and specifically this design, so here it is. Knitted with my fave gauge of yarn, chunky, on 5mm DPN's. I've included the option of an I-cord with instructions, as it's worked from the top down (top-down is far easier for this design, else you have to knit the ear flaps seperately and go through the agro of joining them etc etc)

Being as there are probably hundreds of this style of pattern floating around, it's got a couple of little features to give it that Wormhead touch. Firstly, the back of the Hat is longer than the front so that the back of your neck gets to stay cozy too (and helpful for folk who always wear their Hats the wrong way round ;) Secondly, there's a delicate decrease pattern on the flaps which is more noticeable on the green version.

They require on 100g of yarn and the pattern is priced at £1.50.

The 2nd pattern is the 'Scrappy Flapper'. Designed and made using oddments of finer yarns knitted together. It could be knit plain using aran/worsted, though the tension suits 4ply+DK knitted together. (if you've knitted different yarns together, you may have noticed that the tension doesn't fit the regular formulas for normal gauge yarns)

Included are 2 types of crown shapings... there's the regular, flatter crown seen here on the left, and the longer/pointier version seen on the right. There are also 2 lengths of ear flaps. It's knitted in the round on 4.5mm DPN's, top down, and is a perfect stash buster. I used tapestry wools for these 2, so also cool for recycling/re-using.

Again, the pattern is priced at £1.50. Both patterns include 2 sizes.

I was having a head wobble about selling my patterns... not that I think I shouldn't sell some, but as to whether they are worth the price I'm charging? Do you think the prices are fair? It seems designers charge what they want for their patterns, so I'm not sure if I'm pitching in the right place.

I will still write some free ones (it's only fair, no?)... next plan of action is to finish the one I promised Zab for the AntiCraft (I haven't forgotten!) I also need to finish the crochet chullo to upload - the crochet funky flapper is lovely, with an optional pointy crown which is far more effective in crochet than it is in knit.

Other Hats have been created, and I uploaded *loads* of new photos to my Flickr galleries. Won't show them all here else Blogger will complain, but here's one that really appeals. I just love the exaggerated length of ear flaps, and that long tube hanging from the crown. Don't ask why it turned out like this - all I can say is that I decided to keep on working until the 100g ran out.

I used some of my own hand-dyed chunky and a 5mm hook (I think - could have been 5.5) Considering it is crochet, it yielded damn good yardage for it's weight. The colourway is subtle, so much better in the flesh... softer colours suit this kinda style more methinks?

Now, I've been wondering.... if I were to charge for this pattern, would it sell? From what I've noticed so far and taking into account which free patterns have been most popular (Rollin' Beret, Tri-Peak and Tea-Cozy) folk seem to like quirky patterns but only in moderation...Hats which I would happily wear (and I've worn stranger things on my head, trust me) might not be so popular.

I wanna make Hats that I like, and I do. It's just deciding which ones should become patterns too, know what I mean? Maybe I will re-work this latest crochet one, scribble it down and see how it goes....

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