Y'know, after the mild celebration that was friday night, I've been feeling right crap ever since. How poo is that? I spent most of the weekend in bed feeling nauseous and dizzy, and have been on a complete downer for nearly 4 days now. Total pants. There's been zero motivation to do any of the things I should be doing, like finishing the new patterns, housework blah blah. Infact, all I've wanted to do is play with Fimo.

So that's exactly what I have been doing.

I've a reasonable collection of Cacti and other Succulents. These aren't your regular plants... I grow the more weird, sculptural and just downright bizzare varieties. Most folk could recognise a common cactus, yet my interest lays with the other succulents which aren't so common. Originally I thought I wouldn't be able to take any of them with me in the truck, but Tom wants to take a couple for home comfort. It's hard to choose my favourites, it really is, and I will miss some more than others when we go. The balcony is full with some of the larger, hardier varities (will dig out some photos to share some time) and they fill every window space in the flat (hey, there are shelves up at the kitchen windows!)

And so I figured, that those few I will take should be special. So I set about making fimo planters and pots for them. These have been moulded around regular ceramic planters, with foil as a mask, and then baked in the oven upside down with the ceramic planter still inside to maintain shape. They take a hell of a lot of fimo, but thankfully I've a fair bit of it lying around. I've used all the waste scraps and yukky colours for the lining, and then built up the design on top. The inside walls were then painted with black acrylic paint, just to tidy them up and add extra protection.

This first one was made a while ago and I love it. The plant itself has 'leaves' which look like Shrek's ears - not flat, but tubular and hollow. Can't remember the name of this one but I'm pretty sure it's a Euphorbia. This family are my faves of the succulents; there are so many varieties and most are just very, very odd (there are also non-succulent, regular garden varieties of Euphorbias)

This 2nd one may look like one, but it's not a cactus at all. It's a Euphorbia Horrida - a particuarly slow growing succulent that twists and distorts as it grows, getting uglier and uglier. This one has been with me for at least 7 or 8 years, and it never ceases to confuse people - everyone pressumes it's a cactus... but believe me, I'm a geek with these things, and it's not!

This was my weekend project - the pot is purple and those spikes glow in the dark :) They do take a fair while to make, a couple of evenings easily. Another one is now under way - this one will need to house a hanging Euphorbia which produces octopuss like stems (instead of leaves... succulents don't really have 'leaves') and the ugliest flowers. I've just ordered some quality nylon string, as I plan to make the hanging structure with macrame, and then dye it to match the pot.

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