Y'know how you 'grow out' of those blog quizzes and stuff, as you decide you're just 'too interesting' or busy, or they just go out of vogue? Well I found this one as I was surfing, did the quiz, and laughed inwardly for ages.

You Are The Fool

You are a fascinating person who is way beyond the concerns of this world.
Young at heart, you are blissfully unaware of any dangers ahead.
You are a true wanderer - it has been difficult finding your place in this world.
Full of courage, you are likely to take a leap of faith.

Your fortune:

You are about to embark on a new phase in your life.
This may mean changing locations, jobs, friends, or love status.
You are open about what the future will bring, and free of worry.
You have made your peace with fate, and you're ready to start down your new path.

Is this the right time to confess that occassionally, just occassionally, I like to check my horoscopes or seek the advice of the odd Tarot reader....?

Just blame the champagne (I do) that Tom came home with, by way of a celebration (as if we've ever needed an excuse) for selling 2 Hats via my website this morning. Can I say again, the first 2 Hats via my website? Not patterns, 2 fully knitted, made by me Hats.

There's another bottle waiting to be opened. Thank you to that customer!

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