Thank you sooo much to everyone who has purchased my patterns! It's confirmed that this is a good route to go, and 2 more will be ready shortly. A couple of the customers have asked to use the patterns for charity work which is cool (thanks for asking) And don't forget that I want to see finished results and feedback ;)

Ok, so here's the game:-

Look around you, around your home. Check all the cupboards and drawers, under the bed, in the loft. Think about the last time you moved home. Then look again at everything, and make a mental decision about what's important enough to keep. What can't you live without? Your challenge is to squeeze everything that you can't live without into a 14' by 8' space (approx. the size of a single bedroom) Bear in mind that you also need to include your bed, kitchen, sofa and a loo into that same space. Now look again at the collection of belongings you'd decided to keep - will they squeeze in? Can you visualise how you'd make the space work? It's not just your belongings that count - there's another person that also wants to squeeze everything that they can't live without into the same 14' by 8' space. Do you need to reconsider what you want to take? Then you realise that some of those things that you can't live without need to be able to provide some sort of income as well as a level of emotional comfort. Can you and the 2nd person be practical enough and cut emotional ties to objects? Now you've got this far, there's another restriction - weight. Not forgetting that this weight limited, 14' by 8' space isn't static, it moves. And it's not just for storage, you've got to live in this space. You need to squeeze in you and the 2nd person, and everything you need to survive on. You can't just give away all the things you've decided you can live without; you need to exchange them for cash. Infact, you're going to spend all of your time and money on building and maintaining this 14' by 8' space. Are you up to the challenge?

AuthorWoolly Wormhead
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