Ok, Lixie just phoned me to warn me about something... a friend of hers text her to say that one of my Hats had appeared on 'You Knit What??' - the one in MagKnits. She was a bit concerned that it may get me down, which it might later, so it's a good job I'm feeling jolly and optimistic today. Thanks, Lixie :)

There's a few personal comments, mainly about my dreads - and thankfully I don't care 'bout that (I'm used to it) and of course the obvious digs at the pattern writer needing psychological help (if only they knew!!) BUT right now, the only thing I gotta say is that it was designed to be a fun, jokey hat, and if they don't get that, who cares? Actually, it made me a laugh a bit - the joys of being able to do that knowing I'd sooner be me than them!

One comment was worth noting:-

"weirdly enough, her website has mostly good-looking hats. They're almost all variations on a stocking cap, with i-cord, ribbing or shaping to make it interesting, but they're FINE. So...why this? What was she ON?"

To which I'll say - the usual.

It's all publicity, eh?

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