Post update :-

Thanks folks, you're all lovely souls. Haven't replied to everyone yet, but will do in time.

Have sorted my meds, and I feel better for that - thanks for the motivation! At least I had spares, even if only 2/3 of the current dose. Spare meds is better than no meds. Thankfully the lurgy has moved on from feverishness to wonderful coughing fits, so at least I've been able to get out of bed and the flat. If nothing else, I've been reminded that a) need to be more organised with the repeats prescriptions and b) reducing the dose isn't an option yet.

Right - back to bed to cuddle up with the furry monsters. Take care dear woolly ones, and see you back on the planet in a few days time ;)


Sorry about this, but I really need to get this out of my system.

I've not been feeling well enough to go down and order my repeat prescription of my AD's. The good news is that at some point in my existence I've been organised enough to have spare meds. The bad news is that they are a lower dose than I should be taking, and I ain't ready for that yet. After only 2 days of the spares, the world is already topsy turvy with panic at every corner.

So, despite needing another duvet day, am gonna get meself down to the Doc's and order some more happy pills before I lose the plot completely.

Tom doesn't know any of this yet. He's gonna tell me off :(

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