The lovely lady I've been spoiling for SP7 recieved her final parcel earlier in the week, and so at last I can reveal her! She's the lovely Swapna, although she hasn't blogged for a week or so (where art thou, Swapna?)

After having a mild panic when matched (she stated that she was allergic to cats!) we worked round it by me trying to be extra vigilant with the furry monsters, and her giving everything a shake before fondling it ;) Although allergic, Swapna loves cats and wanted to know all about them....

Living in India, in an area where she can only get hold of acrylic yarn gave me the opportunity to try and find as many yummy fibres as I could. Being mainly a crocheter as well as a knitter meant lots and lots of yarns in all sorts of gauges, and I really enjoyed shopping for her! I mean, me a fibre snob, of course I'd want to buy her as many lovely things as I could!

3 out of the first 5 parcels went missing. Still lost in action, actually... where we have no idea. Despite this, Swapna was down to earth and didn't moan at all. In the end I went for a huge box of goodies to compensate. And yey! That box arrived intact. To top that, it arrived on her birthday - how's that for karma?

I've really enjoyed getting to know both my pals for SP7, reckon I've been lucky with matches. Have signed up for SP8 as I've enjoyed this round so much, yet doubt I'll be so lucky next time. I also notice that Beverly has won a prize as best SP - way to go! There's another fun exchange I've joined, Dye-O-Rama, although sign-ups have finished for that. Thanks to Sal for telling me about it.

Talking of dyeing, I do have a fair bit to share. There's not been much fibre play this week, what with the truck and stuff, but will get my arse into gear and take photos of all the yummy colours that have poured out of my kitchen over the last couple of weeks.

Have a great weekend, folks :)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead