It's ours. Yeah man, we got our truck! Wahoo! Can you believe it? After all these months of searching and saving, the times we've come so close and been disappointed, we've got our vehicle (these photos are robbed from ebay, btw) And what a lovely beastie she is! We've got our truck!!

Spotted for sale saturday morning, we went to view sunday lunchtime (London to Peterborough - not exactly local) made an offer and the auction ended early. None of that gazumping business which we'd had previously and all the frazzled nerves that go with it. Deposit given, insurance sorted, we paid in full & collected this evening. Oooh Yeah!

It's all real now, our plans. We've got our truck. And we're two very, very happy people (nah, really?) The build will take time and effort, but that's to be expected. Trying to be realistic, we reckon we'll be ready to leave next spring. The build should be finished in 6 or 7 months, but leaving during winter isn't a good idea.

What makes it even more brilliant is that this truck fits our desired spec exactly. Size and everything. She's in really good condition - just a tiny dent on the driver wing with corresponding crack in bumper, the usual paint flaking on the roller shutter at the rear and a spot of repair on the body skirt. That's it. A seriously sound motor. Normally these things are battered and bruised. Believe me, we gave this baby the closest inspection ever. She's really clean and tidy throughout. For a diesel her age, the mileage is low. And she comes with a full year's MOT and 2 months tax. Superb.

Tom was insistent about having a Merc, because of their reliabilty and durability. Size wise we couldn't ask for more. It comes in at just under 3.5 tonnes, meaning we can both drive her legally (Tom's got a newer license, and it would have cost over £1,000 to re-test and upgrade) so that's spot on. Besides that, anything over this size would require a tacho and all sorts of other regulations and that's just too much agro. The best bit is the box. You'd normally find a body this size on a 5 tonner. Basically, she'll be like a 19 foot caravan with more head room. Which is big. Look at her - she's massive!

The technical data -

  • Make/Model:- Mercedes Benz 310D
  • Year/Reg:- 1995/M
  • Engine:- Diesel, 2,874cc, 100BHP
  • Classification:- 3.5ton Luton PLG
  • Mileage:- 137,500
  • Transmission:- Manual, RHD
  • Extras:- PAS, radio/cassette, alarm
  • Previous owners:- 2
  • Box dimensions:- H-7'5", W-7'2", L-14'9" + 4' over cab

Raise your glasses, all together now - "Oh lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz......"

AuthorWoolly Wormhead